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If you are considering abortion, you need to have your pregnancy confirmed. An Ultrasound can tell if the baby has a heartbeat and how far along you are. Every medical procedure, including abortion, carries the risk of complications. You have the legal right to give fully informed consent. You also have the right to:

  1. Get an explanation of the abortion procedures available
  2. Assess the risks and side effects, and 
  3. Learn about other options for your pregnancy.

Abortion is your choice – you can change your mind at any time before the procedure starts. Women have gotten off the exam table and left. Some have changed their minds after taking the first set of pills for a medical abortion. This is a decision that you will live with the rest of your life. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you.


  • Ask if the abortion doctor has admitting privileges to a hospital nearby should you have an emergency. Make sure the clinic has a plan to provide any follow-up or emergency care, should complications arise during or after the procedure.
  • Ask for the name of the doctor in charge and if the doctor is licensed and board-certified. (You can check out the doctor online at to see if there have been any malpractice cases against them)
  • Ask, “Will I feel pain”?
  • Ask what feelings can you expect after the abortion. Many women experience initial relief, but months and even years later, some struggle with their decision. If this is you, please schedule an appointment or visit

"The staff are amazing. They are always willing to help and support you at anytime they are available."

"This place is awesome they have everything u can think of for baby stuff and cloths for pregnant women they have helped me so much thank you all Ladies!!!"

"I am very grateful for the Pregnancy Care Center in Denver. They have helped me provide for my kids and have been there for me in ways you can't imagine. I have bonded with my mentor and they have also led me to God and showed me information and options and that anything's possible with Him. I thank God I found them and that they cared for me."

"The PCC is a very helpful place if you are pregnant, confused and don't know where to turn. The staff will make you feel comfortable and welcome."

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