The complex, emotional, and often challenging decision of what to do when faced with an unplanned pregnancy can feel like standing at a crossroads with no clear signposts.

The choice between abortion and adoption is deeply personal and has a lot of considerations that vary widely from person to person.

You don’t have to navigate this decision alone. Heartbeats is here to offer you free pregnancy services and someone to talk to in a safe and confidential environment. Contact us or continue reading to learn more.

Pause for Self-Reflection

Begin by pausing to thoroughly consider your desires and future goals, particularly concerning your pregnancy and the path your life might take.

Think about the following questions:

  • What are my immediate and future goals?
  • How do I imagine each pregnancy option unfolding?
  • What are my feelings toward each of the choices?

Then, reflect on what your life may look like after choosing between abortion or adoption. Envision the possible outcomes and the emotional reactions tied to each decision.

These are highly personal questions that only you have the power to answer.

Get Informed

You may not have answers to all your personal questions, which is why getting informed is a great starting point.

Abortion is a serious medical procedure used to terminate a pregnancy. Medical abortions use drugs, while surgical abortions use a combination of drugs, instruments, and suction to end a pregnancy.

There are physical risks to both procedures, but it’s also essential to consider the mental health effects of abortion. For at least some women, studies have shown that the abortion experience directly contributes to mental health problems even years after.

Opting for adoption means continuing with your pregnancy until birth. Adoption arrangements offer flexibility, ranging from open (where there is direct communication between birth and adoptive parents) to semi-open (where contact is through an intermediary) to closed (where there is no contact at all).

This choice can bring about a lot of emotional responses, even feelings of sorrow and loss. Yet, it may also deliver a sense of satisfaction, knowing that a family will be blessed with the joy of a child.

Visit Heartbeats

Get informed of all your options when you visit with the compassionate team at Heartbeats. We can provide free pregnancy testing and an ultrasound to confirm key details about your pregnancy.

Afterward, we can help answer your questions and address any concerns. Make an appointment today.