Discovering an unexpected pregnancy can be a time of intense emotions and difficult decisions. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to know that you have options. While abortion is one path, there are other alternatives available to you. Here, we’ll explore your other two choices: adoption and parenting.

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Exploring Your Other Options

On the face of it, abortion may seem like a quick fix. However, the physical and mental health risks can plague you for days, weeks, or even years after the procedure.

While adoption and parenting will require you to carry your pregnancy to term, they can both be equally rewarding experiences.


The biggest misconception about adoption is that it is too rigid and tenuous to deal with. The reality is modern adoption has never been more flexible and tailored to fit your needs.

You have a lot of control over the process, and you won’t pay for any adoption services. You may even be entitled to financial and material assistance.

There are several adoption plans to choose from, including:

  • Open adoption: You form a relationship with the child and their adoptive family, with regular contact through letters, phone calls, or visits.
  • Semi-open adoption: Communication with the adoptive family occurs through a third party, like an adoption attorney or agency.
  • Closed adoption: This plan offers the most confidentiality, with your identifying records sealed and you remaining anonymous.

While it can certainly be an emotionally difficult decision, it’s an equally brave one. You’re giving a childless family the opportunity to raise a child and for them to flourish.


Parenting brings its own set of unique challenges and responsibilities, which can seem daunting. However, parenting is a learning process; you don’t need to know everything beforehand. For instance, you can access a variety of resources and support from Heartbeats that can help you feel more prepared.

Before making this choice, it is essential to evaluate your readiness and ability to provide a stable environment for a child to grow and thrive.

Consider your current life circumstances, including financial stability, personal support systems, and goals. Parenting requires significant time and energy, so it’s important to assess whether you can effectively meet these demands.

Parenting is a deeply enriching and meaningful endeavor if you think you can do it.

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