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What Is Abortion?

Abortion Defined

abortion /abor·tion/ (ah-bor´shun)


What is abortion?  The definition of abortion is when a pregnancy ends abruptly, either voluntarily or involuntarily, and the fetus is expelled from the womb before it can live on its own.

Types of Abortions

Spontaneous and Induced Abortions

Spontaneous - An abortion that occurs naturally without any medical intervention when there is a physical problem with a pregnancy is called a spontaneous abortion or a miscarriage

Induced - An abortion that is the result of any procedure done by a licensed physician or someone under the supervision of a licensed physician to purposefully end a pregnancy is called an induced abortion.1

DID YOU KNOW: Most abortions occur very early in pregnancy, but as the baby grows, the cost of abortion increases and so do the risks to the mother.

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